Pet Cremation vs. Burial: Which Option Is Right for You?

Pet Cremation vs. Burial: Which Option Is Right for You?

While there is no right or wrong way to memorialize your late pet, families will choose a memorial based on their beliefs, preferences, cost, and available resources. Deciding which option is right for you, pet cremation or burial is a personal decision only the pet owner can make. Below we go over each option and different factors that can help you conclude how you want to remember your furry friend.

Everything To Know About Pet Cremation

When you send your pet to a crematorium, such as our own at Eternity Pet Memorial, they will handle your fur companion with compassion and work through the process of cremation to deliver your pet’s ashes, typically within a week. This is often the first choice for pet owners because it’s an economical alternative to burials and provides more options on what you can do with the ashes once you receive them. Many owners will scatter the ashes or find a unique urn to place them in for a forever memorial. The cost for this process can depend on how big the animal is and if you want a private cremation over a communal one.

Everything To Know About a Pet Burial

Alternatively, pet burials are another option pet owners can choose if they want a more personal, private, and traditional ceremony of saying goodbye to their furry friend. Some decide on at-home or cemetery burials with a pet memorial service to honor their late companion. You must adhere to local regulations regarding an at-home burial because, in some locations, you may not be able to bury a pet in your backyard as wildlife could potentially disturb the grave. The cost for this memorial option can vary depending on the pet size, personalization to the service, and the type of casket you plan to bury them in.

Which Is Right for Your Family?

Ultimately, choosing the option that is right for you and your pet, cremation or burial, will depend on your personal preferences. Go through the advantages and disadvantages of each option to determine the best choice for your family. To note, if you decide on an at-home burial and plan to move in the future, you will likely have to leave the remains there. You could, however, bring their ashes with you anywhere you go.

Take your time when deciding on a pet memorial. Most pet owners decide on cremation because it gives them more options for memorials, but the choice is ultimately yours to make.

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