Pet Burial Services

At Eternity Pet Memorial, we understand that your pet is a member of the family. They’ve been with you through so much, and life without them simply won’t be the same. Their passing, however, doesn’t need to be an end. Instead, celebrate the life and memories of your companion with our pet burial services. A pet burial ensures your dearest companion has a place dedicated to their memory that commemorates how important they were to you and your family. While everyone mourns differently, our pet memorial services ensure your pet’s life is something you can celebrate while helping you find closure.


What Pets Qualify?

While you’ll find many dogs and cats on our memorial wall, we don’t want you to think we limit our pet funeral services to them alone. We’ve helped families celebrate the lives of ferrets, guinea pigs, and even rats! Family is family, so please contact us no matter what kind of pet you have.


When Should You Call?

Thinking about your pet’s passing is never easy, but when you know the end is coming, it’s best that you start making preparations. This will ensure that, when your pet’s final moments pass, they have a place reserved for their burial, and you can mourn in peace. All arrangements for your pet’s burial can be done ahead of time at our pet funeral home to ensure no undue stress is placed on you and your loved ones.


Why Burial?

If you’re unsure whether burial or cremation is the “better” option, know that we offer both these services because no one mourns the same. For some, burial is simply preferred because it brings them closure and grants their pets a dedicated space where they can rest and be celebrated. If a burial feels right to you, then don’t hesitate to call us for pet funeral services in the Pittsburgh, PA, area. We will be honored to help you put your dearest friend and family member to rest.



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