Pet Cremation Services

The passing of a pet is never easy, and at Eternity Pet Memorial, we understand that our companions are just as important a member of the family as anyone else. For that reason, when your beloved pet passes, we offer pet cremation services that lay your pet to rest in a way that is dignified and celebrates their life. Pet cremation is also often the most practical alternative to pet burials, as burials are simply not always possible. Rest assured, however, that cremation will provide you with the closure and celebration of your pet’s memory that a burial could. Offering our services in the Pittsburgh area, Eternity Pet Memorial will work with your veterinarian to prepare quality pet funeral services anyone can be proud of.


Serving All Pets

While dogs and cats are the most common pets we commemorate, you can come to us with pets of any kind. We’ve celebrated the lives of ferrets, guinea pigs, and rats! No matter what kind of pet you own, family is family, and at Eternity Pet Memorial, we understand that better than anyone.


When you know the time is near, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us ahead of time. When your pet does pass, you don’t want to make arrangements while in the midst of mourning. We can make arrangements for your pet’s funeral ahead of time to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.


Benefits of Cremation

While neither cremation nor burial is “better” than the other, cremation allows the ashes to be returned to you. With the ashes, you can lay them to rest as you see fit or keep them close by with an urn. Many people prefer this option because it provides a memento of their pet and reminds them of the happy memories their pet helped cultivate. Contact us today in Pittsburgh, PA, for pet cremation services.



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