4 Tips on How To Write Your Pet’s Obituary

4 Tips on How To Write Your Pet’s Obituary

Writing an obituary for a pet is much different, yet similar, to writing one for a passed loved one. A pet owner might choose to create this sentiment because, in the end, our pets mean much more to us than just an animal we feed every morning—our pets are often the only ones to see us in our most vulnerable state, the one who shows us unconditional love, the one who greets us at the door every day after work, and the one that sees us as the best person in the world. The least we can do for them after they pass is to pay tribute to their undying devotion by writing an obituary.

If your pet recently has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, before we give you our advice for creating a special obituary for them, we offer our condolences. Honor your pet with a heartfelt pet funeral service, with words spoken straight from your heart.

Start With the Basics

Typically, the beginning of an obituary includes general information about the animal and where friends and family can pay their respects. Remember, you only need to share information you’re comfortable with. For example, you could write the pet’s name, why they died, and where friends and family can visit during a service. You can keep this section short and sweet and include more details in the following paragraphs.

Show What They Meant to You & Other Individuals in Their Life

What did your fur companion mean to you and the other people in your life? Start this section of the obituary with how the pet came into your life and how they transformed it. Paint a picture of your pet’s bond with you and how they interacted with guests and other individuals. Include photos of your pet with you and others as well; these relationships were meaningful!

Share Memories

Tell a story or two about a special memory you had with your pet—this will make the obituary more personal. Furthermore, ask other family members and friends in your pet’s life to write about their favorite memory. This portion of writing your pet’s obituary not only allows you to express your emotions but also helps you through the grieving process.

Thank Everyone at the End

Don’t ignore the support shown to you during your time of need. Make sure at the end of the obituary that you thank your friends and family for supporting you during this difficult time. In this section, you could also include a sentence that asks individuals to donate to a shelter or organization that helps pets.

The quote, “pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole,” couldn’t be more true—you wouldn’t be where you are in life without the love and support you got from your fur baby. They deserve an honorable service with heartfelt words to send them on their way over the Rainbow Bridge. If you’re struggling to find the right words, use the above advice to get started.

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