When Is the Right Time To Get a New Pet After One Passes?

When Is the Right Time To Get a New Pet After One Passes?

Finding the right time to adopt a new pet after one passes can be tricky when you’re grieving. While it is up to personal preference, there are some details you must pay attention to in order to understand when you’re ready for a new pet. This transition will not be easy, so only adopt a new pet when the timing is perfect.

Don’t Forget the Needs of Your Remaining Pets

Do you have any remaining pets in the house? You cannot forget about them; they still need your love and attention too. Adopting a new pet immediately after one crosses the rainbow bridge will steer your attention away from your other pets.

Your other companions may also be mourning, and introducing a new friend too soon could make them territorial. For a period of time, shower your current pets with affection before entertaining the idea of adoption.

Don’t Be Quick to a Decision

It’s normal to feel a void when a pet dies, but do not try to fill it by adopting a different pet. This will be a big decision to make—ensure you’re ready for the responsibility of a different pet before following through. Allow yourself to go through the grieving process because if you cannot fully accept the death of your previous pet, your attention won’t go to growing a relationship with a new companion.

Involve Every Household Member in the Decision

The decision to adopt a new pet might be easier if you live alone; when family is involved, everyone must be on board with the decision. This is especially challenging when you have children because they may have created a special bond with your pet and might not be ready for a new one. Once a few weeks or months have passed, consider having a family discussion to determine the right course of action for adoption.

Don’t Go Looking for a Replacement

When it’s the right time to get a new pet after one passes, you must understand that the next animal will not be a replacement for the previous one. You had a special bond with your late pet that you cannot recreate with another. No other pet will be exactly like your last companion. While you could adopt a similar breed, each pet has a different personality—learn how to create new memories with this one.

Do not adopt immediately after leaving the pet funeral home. Allow yourself time to think and grieve before deciding on a new companion. Adopting a new pet can be tough because it cannot replace your previous one. If adopting is too difficult at first, consider volunteering at local animal shelters so you can get your furry fix until you’re ready for a new one yourself. While it’s up to personal preference, you’ll know when the right time comes.

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