What To Do When a Pet Suddenly Passes at Home

What To Do When a Pet Suddenly Passes at Home

Whether your pet suddenly passes away at home from something unexpected or they pass naturally, you’ll want to take the following steps to ensure you can lay them to rest peacefully and comfortably. This will be a difficult time, but we are here to help you—consider phoning a friend if you live alone to give you moral support. Understanding what to do in this situation will lessen your panic and ease your nerves.

Verify the Pet Is No Longer Breathing

For older pets, often, the owner may think they have passed when really their breathing is slow, and they are simply resting. You never want to start the process of moving their body if they are still alive. If you notice they are still breathing but appear in distress, call your vet to see what they would suggest about ensuring the pet’s comfort.

Position the Pet Comfortably

Rigor will set in three to four hours after the pet passes, so their legs will become stiff, which means transportation can become difficult. When you’re ready, gently position the legs toward the animal’s body to make them easier to lift.

Place Towels Underneath the Pet

When your pet is no longer here, their muscles will loosen, and bodily fluids can release. Place a towel under their mouth and tail until you find a place or container to lay their body as you decide how you want to proceed.

Let Other Pets In

If you have other pets, allow them to be in the same room; this way, they can sniff the body and start their own grieving process. If you took your dog or cat away before the others could say goodbye, they might be confused by their missing family member.

Move the Body Somewhere Safe

Finally, when you are ready, move the body to a dry and cool place. Do not leave your pet somewhere warm because the body will start to decompose. Wrap them in plastic or a blanket and place them in a box or container to transport them more safely.

Call Your Vet or Memorial Service

Once your pet passes at home and you safely bring their body to a new location, call your vet or contact us at Eternity Pet Memorial. We offer services for pet memorials in Pittsburgh, PA, and will take great care of your pet by creating an affordable memorial. Many owners choose to cremate their pets, bury them, or receive a paw print in their memory.

Carrying for your pet’s body amid grief will not be an easy task, but your pet deserves the proper burial or memorial when they cross the rainbow bridge. Do not be afraid to lean on your friends and family for support. Always remember that you gave your pet the best life possible, and they will always be with you.

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