Ways To Remember Your Pet on Their Passing Anniversary

Ways To Remember Your Pet on Their Passing Anniversary

It can be hard on the anniversary of the passing of your pet, but it’s also the best time to remember them and reflect on the time you were able to spend with each other. Pets are an extension of our family, and sometimes, we even call them our “fur babies.” They were a friend when no one else was, a copilot for adventures, and made the best days even better.

While nothing can bring them back, we can honor their memory and dedicate a day to doing their favorite things or giving back. Below, you can find our ultimate list of ways to celebrate your passed pets.

Donate to a Pet Organization

Many local pet shelters and organizations need help raising funds; make a donation in the name of your pet to honor them. Not only are you remembering your pet, but you’re also giving countless other animals the opportunity to find their forever homes. If you adopted your last animal from a shelter or through an organization, this would be the time to give back after the loyal companion they gave you.

Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter

Sometimes, you’ll miss the kisses and wagging tails—even more on the anniversary of their passing. Volunteer at your local humane society. Chances are they can never have too many volunteers, and there will be plenty of animals to play and spend time with. Surrounding yourself with other cats and dogs can alleviate some of the sadness you may be feeling, and you’re helping out an organization that deserves and needs it.

Bring Your Other Pets To Get a “Pup Cup”

Did you and your late dog make it a habit to get a “pup cup” from the coffee shop or an ice cream cone from the drive-thru? Keep this tradition alive and take your other pets along for the ride; roll the windows down, play the old tunes you used to, and bask in the memories. The other dogs have the perfect excuse to eat a sweet treat, and you’ll be remembering your late fur-baby the entire time.

Burn a Memorial Candle

A classic way of remembering your pet on their passing anniversary is to light a candle in their name. Often, this candle has a portrait of the pet and a quote or saying beneath it. This can be a unique candle you only light once a year for them. Lighting a candle is also a perfect idea for when it might be a busy day, and you cannot take time away from work or your personal life to volunteer or go on a big excursion.

Don’t put the candle away every year—if you went the dog cremation route when your pet passed, leave the candle next to their urn for safekeeping. Now, your dog can still have a place in your home.

Visit Their Resting Place

If you buried the pet or spread their ashes somewhere, the date they passed is a great time to take a visit. Just as you would see a late loved one, visit your pet, and don’t be afraid to hang out a while. Take the time to clear your head; being with them in spirit should be enough to dull the ache you might feel in their absence. Take a lunch with you and some pictures to look at them while you spend time together.

Take a Hike at Their Favorite Place

Did you take your dog hiking or any of your other pets to a specific location? Go for a walk or hike along their favorite trails, lakes, neighborhoods, etc. Hiking is a great activity to clear your head and give you space to think and process your emotions. It will be nostalgic and bring up all the happy memories you had together.

Do Their Favorite Activity

Maybe your cat loved going for walks in a stroller, or you took your rabbit out in the backyard to hop around—whatever the activity is, do that on the date to remember the pet. Because you are doing something they loved, it will bring up all the happy memories and give you peace of mind that they are at rest and no longer in pain. Doing an activity you used to do with your pet breaks you out of your routine and reminds you how precious life and the time we get with our loved ones and fur babies is.

Get a Tattoo of Them

If you’re looking for a more permanent reminder of your pet, consider getting a tattoo in their memory. A lot of owners get a portrait of their dog or a pawprint of their cat so they can have a daily reminder of them. This way of honoring your passed companion may not be for everyone, but tattoos can be as big or small as you want and don’t have to be on noticeable areas of your body.

Open a Keepsake Box or Scrapbook

After your pet is gone, gather their favorite toys, pictures, and other items in a box that you can open every year. Now, you can take a trip down memory lane with them and admire all the good—and bad—moments you shared together. Keep the scrapbook or box in a safe place so you can return to it every year.

Foster or Adopt a New Fur Baby

If you’re ready for a new pet, consider fostering or adopting a new dog or cat. While they will not replace your previous companion, they will help you remember them by giving you a new friend to spend life with. Your new pet doesn’t have to be the same as your last one either; if you had a dog previously, don’t be shy about finding companionship with a cat.

There is no right or wrong way to remember your pet, and it may look different from year to year. Whichever way you choose to honor your late companion, it will bring back the happy memories you used to share. You may miss them, but they will always be in your heart, especially if you keep them alive by celebrating them every year. How will you remember your passed pets?

Ways To Remember Your Pet on Their Passing Anniversary

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