The Best Gifts To Get Someone Who Recently Lost a Pet

The Best Gifts To Get Someone Who Recently Lost a Pet

Losing a pet is never easy, but family and friends can make grieving easier for a pet owner by gifting them an item that reminds them of their furry friend. Having a keepsake nearby will provide comfort, and it means that much more when it comes from someone who cares. Keep the memory of their dog or cat alive with unique gifts created specifically for your friend and their late pet.


Stuffed Animal Replica

Nothing could embody the pet’s essence more than a stuffed animal replica that looks exactly like them. This unique present will be there for your friend to cuddle on the days when they are missing their fur baby.


Custom Keychain

When you are unsure what to get, a custom keychain with an engraving or picture of the pet is always a safe option. This item is subtle yet sentimental enough to be a great gift. The keychain will allow your friend to carry the pet with them wherever they go.


Shadow Box Urn

Eternity Pet Memorial offers a service of creating a shadow box with a portrait of the pet that also works as an urn for the ashes. If the pet owner chooses cat cremation, they can rest assured their cat companion will move forward with care and their memory in mind. Their favorite picture of their cat and their pet’s ashes will be close together for the ultimate memorial.


Pet Portrait or Painting

An excellent gift you can give someone after they lose a pet is a portrait. Consider finding an artist to paint the animal. The handmade art will mean more to your friend or family member, as the pet portrait will be entirely unique, making it much more special.



Did your friend and their companion spend a lot of time outside? If so, a concrete stepping-stone filled with gems, a quote, and a pawprint will be the perfect garden accessory, allowing their pet to rest in the yard under their favorite tree.


Gifts won't bring back a friend's beloved pet, but taking the time to pick something memorable will show that special someone that you care about them. Any furry companion deserves a memorial, and any of these gifts will bring comfort. What gift would you give your friend to remember their pet?

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