Pre-Planning a Memorial for Your Aging Pet

Pre-Planning a Memorial for Your Aging Pet

There will come a time in your life when you have to say goodbye to your beloved fur companion. Alleviate the stress and sadness that comes with this loss by pre-planning a memorial for your aging pet. This will help take your mind off the inevitability of living without them and provide closure after they cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Determine the Final Arrangements

Would you rather have your pet cremated or buried? Have this part of the planning process ironed out so you can start the final arrangement process once they pass. Furthermore, consider where you want them buried or if you’re keeping their ashes, where will you put them or scatter them?

Plan a Ceremony or Memorial

Many pet owners are choosing to host a ceremony in honor of their loyal friends, and there are pet funeral homes you can utilize when the day comes to celebrate their life as you say goodbye surrounded by all their loved ones. If you don’t want to host an event, consider building a memorial for the animal and inviting over their favorite people to help send the pet on their way.

Capture Memories & Save Memorabilia

You probably already have countless pictures from over the years, but don’t forget to capture some moments now. Elderly dog or cat photo shoots are also increasing in popularity—plus, they’ll be the perfect portraits for the memorial. Save your pet’s favorite items, such as toys, blankets, collars, and other miscellaneous items, in a keepsake box.

Choose an Urn or Gravestone

Next, choose an urn or gravestone for the final resting place for your aging pet. Pre-planning this step in the memorial will allow you to finalize the details while you’re clear-headed and can focus on choosing the best option to remember your pet. In addition, the urn or gravestone will be complete and ready for use when you need them.

Savor Your Remaining Time Together

Lastly, cherish the time you have left with your pet. Please don’t take their final days, weeks, or months for granted. Ensure they are comfortable throughout the process and savor every new memory you make along the way.

This will be a difficult time, and it could be even more challenging if you try to plan the memorial after your pet passes. Planning will allow you to focus on processing your emotions after they are gone instead of having to plan everything amid your grief.

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