Common Misconceptions About Pet Loss Explained

Common Misconceptions About Pet Loss Explained

Are you a pet owner, or have you experienced the loss of a pet before? If this is something you’ve never gone through in life, it may be difficult to understand why and how someone could grieve the death of their pet. Because of this, many people believe the common misconceptions about pet loss. This guide explains these myths and why a pet owner might be grieving.


The Grief Will End

If you’ve experienced grief before, you know that it never entirely goes away—as the pain eases, you learn to live with your grief. The grief will be intense at first, and while it will subside over time, it will never fully disappear. Some days will be easier than others, but on days when the anniversary of death passes or you find an old memory, your grief can return in full force.


Grieving Your Late Pet Is Abnormal

Individuals who do not have pets may find it abnormal to see you grieving over yours because they do not understand the relationship you can build with an animal. Oftentimes, these pets become family members and learning to live without them hurts. How you react to the loss of your pet is never abnormal. Humans grieve in various stages, and the depth of that grieving is indifferent to the situation that caused it.


Spending Money on a Pet Funeral Is Frivolous

Hosting a funeral service for a family member can help individuals grieve and provide a structure that gives comfort to the people who knew the family member. A pet funeral service can offer the same comfort to a pet owner. You don’t see this type of service for pets as often as you do for humans because people may view such services as more frivolous. However, doing a memorial this way can provide an avenue to channel your grief in a healthy and comforting way.


It’s Less Painful To Lose a Pet Over a Family Member

Experiencing any type of loss can be painful, but a common misconception about pet loss is that it’s not as heartbreaking as the passing of a family member or friend. While there cannot be a comparison, grief has no balancing scale determining what loss is more painful than another. Pets are integral parts of our homes, and when they’re gone, the loss can be just as unbearable and agonizing because you loved them as if they were a child or family member.


There are a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding the loss of a pet. Remember that the way you grieve, how long you grieve, and who you’re grieving are not determined by anyone other than yourself and your emotions. Losing a pet is extremely difficult—never feel bad about how you handle this process.

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