A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Urn for Pet Ashes

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Urn for Pet Ashes

After saying goodbye to your furry companion, you must decide what you would like to do with its remains. You may have decided to keep your pet’s ashes, but now you must choose the right urn as its final resting place. This is a big decision for you to make as an owner because it’s your way of paying tribute to the friendship you created with the pet.

Use this complete guide to find the perfect urn to memorialize your dog or cat.

What Type of Pet Is the Urn For?

Because each pet comes in different sizes, not every urn will be the right fit, especially regarding the capacity for holding ashes. The larger the pet, the larger the jar you’ll need. Knowing your pet’s weight at the time of death will help determine how small or large of an urn you need.

A general rule of thumb is one pound equals one cubic inch. We recommend adding 10 inches to your total to ensure the urn you choose will be the correct size for your late furry companion. It’s better to have an oversized urn than one that can’t fit all of the ashes.

Where To Find Pet Urns

You have a plethora of options when it comes to searching for an urn. Local pet stores, pet crematoriums, pottery artists, and online stores are all great options for finding the perfect resting place for your pet.

Pet stores may have a memorial section. Larger chain stores might have more options than mom-and-pop shops. However, the stores mass-produced these urns, so you can’t customize them.

At crematoriums, like Eternity Pet Memorial, we can perform dog cremation at our facility and place the ashes in one of our personalized memorial urns. This expedites the process because you’ll receive both the ashes and the urn simultaneously.

Online stores will have the most options, but you may have to search through a lot, which can be overwhelming. Pottery artists can completely customize the urn to fit the personality of your late pet, and it could be a more affordable choice.

Determine a Budget

The budget you decide on could be a determining factor in choosing the right urn for your pet’s ashes. You must be willing to spend the money if you’re looking for a quality vase. The price of the urn could vary based on the material used and if you want to customize the object.

Don’t start shopping until you can configure a budget; otherwise, you may be spending more money than anticipated. Remember that how expensive the urn is won’t reflect your love for your fur baby. A more affordable option can be just as beautiful and meaningful as a lavish one.

Will You Be Sharing a Portion of the Ashes?

Some pet owners will share the ashes with another family member or loved one who was in the pet’s life and shared the same love as you. If this is the case, you must also consider what type of urn to put this portion in. If you’re doing this as a gift, jewelry urns are gaining popularity and would make for a great memorial present. Set aside some ashes for this jewelry and gift it to your loved one when the time is right.

What Are Your Plans for the Urn?

The urn you choose doesn’t have to be one you display in your home. Many pet owners choose an urn for various reasons. You could use a temporary pot until you scatter the ashes, or maybe you want to bury the entire component in your yard.

You wouldn’t buy an elegant granite urn only to bury it somewhere on your property. If this is your route, we suggest a biodegradable material to be more environmentally friendly. Tea tins work great as temporary resting places until you find a location to scatter the ashes. Consider your plans for the remains before deciding on an urn.

Consider the Style That Will Reflect Your Pet the Best

The style of urn you choose should reflect and symbolize your pet’s personality because this will be its final resting place. Consider the color, pattern, shape, inscriptions, and materials.

Brighter colors are more cheerful and would coincide well with the famous Rainbow Bridge poem by Paul Dahm. Vibrant colors also symbolize a dog or cat that had a lot of energy or was always friendly to other pets and people. Choose darker hues for the pets that were more reserved and laid back in their lives.

Typically, urns come in the shape of a small box or vase, but you don’t have to select something traditional. You could find something more unique, like a dog-shaped urn.

Do you plan on writing an inscription somewhere on the vase? This is a great idea because those words will give you comfort every time you read them.

Lastly, don’t forget to find a material for the urn. Wood, ceramic, metal, glass, granite, etc., are all great options. Each material may have a different cost, so choose one that fits within your budget.

Tips for Transferring the Ashes

Once you find the perfect urn for your late companion, you need to transfer the ashes you received from the crematorium. Generally, they should be in a plastic bag for safe keeping—NEVER take these ashes out of the bag because it protects them from outside elements. Plus, the bag allows you to transfer the ashes from one urn to another easily.

Take Your Time—There’s No Rush

Don’t feel like you need to rush this process immediately after your pet passes away. Grief is hard to go through, and everyone moves through the stages at a different pace. Allow yourself the space to grieve before deciding on the final resting place. Furthermore, don’t settle on the first urn you find; wait until you see the one that feels right for your pet.

Finding the perfect urn for your late pet will take some time, especially with all the various options available to you. Consider choosing Eternity Pet Memorial for your cremation and urn needs. Our staff is extremely mindful and gentle with your pet because it still deserves respect even after crossing the rainbow bridge. Don’t worry if the process takes longer than expected—you’ll find the ultimate memorial for your late pet.

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Urn for Pet Ashes

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