4 Ways To Help Seniors Handle the Loss of a Pet

4 Ways To Help Seniors Handle the Loss of a Pet

Often, a pet is a senior citizen’s only friend—their daily lives and routines most likely revolve around the pet. So when their furry friend passes on, the magnitude of the loss can feel gut-wrenching. This article discusses four ways you can help the senior in your life handle the loss of a pet.

Take Time Out of Your Day for Them

When a senior loses a pet, this can often be an isolating and lonely time for them because the pet was their primary form of social interaction. Help alleviate this loneliness by spending time with your loved one. How you spend your time with them could vary—consider taking your loved one on a walk, cooking dinner for them, or scheduling weekly phone calls. Any form of affection can go a long way.

Create or Purchase a Personalized Gift

Pets bring life into our homes, and when they depart for the rainbow bridge, it can feel quiet. The senior in your life is likely mourning and grieving their fur companion, but that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate a personalized gift or a piece of memorabilia that reminds them of their pet. You could decorate a picture frame with their pet in mind or build a memory box! The house may still feel quiet, but now they can decorate it with the best memories!

Offer To Plan a Memorial

Eternity Pet Memorial has a service for pet memorials in Pittsburgh, PA, that works with pet owners and families to curate the perfect send-off ceremony to provide families with closure. Planning a memorial like this can add to the stress that your elderly loved one might already be feeling, so it’s a great idea to help them plan this service. By planning the memorial, the senior can focus on healing.

Listen and Share Pet Stories

Aside from making yourself available to help a senior in your life handle the loss of a pet, ensure you’re also bringing a listening ear. Your loved one might not be ready to talk about their late pet, but offering support and listening can be an excellent comfort for them when they’re ready. Sometimes we can alleviate the pain of losing a pet by sharing our favorite stories, videos, and photos of the pet because it’s almost as if they’re here with us again—and they are in spirit!

Nobody should have to deal with the loss of a pet alone. Offer help and do as much as you can to help an elderly loved one cope with the grief of a late pet. Love, support, help, and comfort go a long way!

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