4 Thoughtful Keepsakes That Will Memorialize Your Pet

4 Thoughtful Keepsakes That Will Memorialize Your Pet

After a furry friend passes on, some owners may donate its items because it’s too hard for them to hold onto. We understand that it might be triggering to see old toys your pet used to play with when it’s no longer here, but holding onto those items as keepsakes could be a thoughtful way to memorialize it. Use our suggestions below for what you can do with old toys and collars to turn them into a memorial.

Picture Frame With Name Tag

You can’t build a memorial without at least one picture of your beloved pet. While any frame will do, there are countless options on the market that include quotes, illustrations, etc. You could DIY the project yourself by purchasing a plain frame and gluing the old name tag from your dog or cat to serve as the nameplate. This creates a fun way to re-utilize something the pet wore daily.

Pet Memory Box

We mentioned before that for some pet owners, it might be triggering to keep all of their fur companion’s old paraphernalia. Consider removing these items from your home and placing them in a memory box that you can pull out on anniversaries or when you need to reminisce. The box could include old photos, toys, food bowls, collars, clothes, favorite blankets, etc.

Toy Shadow Box

A shadow box is a frame that leaves space for 3D objects to be enclosed. Some pet owners like to take the dog or cat’s favorite toys and arrange them in a shadow box with pictures to serve as a memorial. As for a different shadow box option, our pet memorial in Pittsburgh, PA, can create a shadow box urn for your furry friend that uses its ashes. Once you receive the urn, you could place its favorite toy next to it to make it more personal.

Collar Candle

Another thoughtful keepsake to memorialize your pet is to take its old collar and wrap it around a candle. Lighting a candle often symbolizes remembering and mourning a past loved one. Of course, any candle will do, but one that includes the pet’s old collar makes it much more special.

Losing your pet is difficult, but crafting a personal memorial could help your grieving process and give you something to remember it by. A true keepsake memorial will include at least one of your cat or dog’s favorite items from its time with you. Before you donate any of your pet’s old items, consider using them in memory boxes, picture frames, or shadow boxes.

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