4 Things You Can Do With Your Pet’s Ashes After Cremation

4 Things You Can Do With Your Pet’s Ashes After Cremation

The passing of a pet is never easy, as they’re just as much a part of the family as any of your relatives. A healthy way to grieve and find closure after your pet has been cremated is to find a way to celebrate their life and put their ashes to rest. Here are four things you can do with your pet’s ashes after cremation.


Scatter the Ashes

One of the most common ways people mourn and find closure is to scatter their pet’s ashes in a place that was significant to them or to their pet. A beloved spot such as where they used to play, like a park or swimming hole, is a great option. This helps the passing of your pet feel less intangible. Instead, you’ll be placing what remains of your pet to rest in their favorite spot that you can visit and reminisce as you come to terms with your loss.


Plan a Memorial

You may prefer professional pet memorial services if you want something planned that feels more momentous—it’s a dedicated time used to honor your pet and the joy they brought to you and your family. Our professional pet memorial services help ensure your pet is immortalized and remembered. Furthermore, you can create a small memorial in your home for your pet by placing their ashes in an urn and dedicating a small space in your home in their memory.


Grow a Tree

Another thing you can do with your pet’s ashes after the cremation is to use them to grow a memorial tree. This method is becoming increasingly popular for both people and pets. Not only is it comparable to a burial, but you may find closure if you feel as though your pet’s ashes have allowed new life to bloom and thrive.


Bury the Ashes

For something more traditional, you can always plan a burial for your pet’s ashes. For many, this means dedicating a grave in their backyard. The ashes left over from cremation make burial much easier and cleaner without impacting the emotional weight of the gesture.


Whatever you decide, you never need to go through the grieving process alone. Get in contact with Eternity Pet Memorial services, and we’ll help you honor and celebrate your pet’s life.

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