3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bury a Pet in Your Backyard

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bury a Pet in Your Backyard

Many pet owners want to keep their dog or cat close to them after passing, and a way to do this is by burying them in your backyard. Although, doing this poses risks you didn’t consider beforehand, and there are reasons why you shouldn’t partake in this type of memorial. Learn why you should avoid this memorial, and allow us to give you better, safer options.

Ground Contamination

When you bury a relative or friend, their body won’t contaminate the ground because they’re in a casket. The majority of pet owners place the body of their pet in the ground and cover it with dirt. However, you shouldn’t do this because as the body decomposes, it can leech bacteria into the grass around the memorial. If you live out in the country, the bacteria could seep into the groundwater, too; if anyone were to come into contact with it, they could become ill.

Resurfacing Issues

If you don’t bury the pet far enough into the ground, other animals could resurface the body, or heavy rain/flooding could wash away the dirt covering the dog or cat. Most of the time, the pet dies from old age, and the vet puts the animal to sleep through euthanasia. But did you know that the drug they use can remain in the animal’s body for the better part of a year? If other animals were to find your pet, contact with them could cause severe illness or even death.

Losing the Memorial

Not every homeowner will remain in the same house forever, and if you ever plan on moving, you won’t be able to take your once faithful companion with you. You will likely need to leave the cat or dog behind, so you’ll lose out on a memorial. If you choose pet cremation, you could bring the memorial with you no matter where you go in the world.

Other Options

As mentioned before, cremating your pet is a great option to keep them close to you. Plus, you can create unique memorials with their ashes. Other owners consider donating their furry friend’s bodies to science or keeping a copy of their pawprint instead. You shouldn’t bury your pet in the backyard because the risks outweigh the benefits of keeping them close.

If you were planning on burying your pet, consider your other options to preserve the health of the wildlife near your home and to keep the ground from contamination. Cremation allows you to carry them with you everywhere you go, and you can turn their ashes into art or jewelry. What will you do for a pet memorial?

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