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Few things are worse than the loss of a family member, and your pet is no exception. By offering pet memorials in Penn Hills, PA, Eternity Pet Memorial works to serve all of Pittsburgh in celebrating the lives their pets have lived. Offering both burial and cremation pet funeral services, you’ll be able to choose a method that you feel commemorates your companion’s life the best. For many, dedicating a place for your pet to be buried and rest helps immortalize their memory. For others, cremation allows them to keep their ashes, and therefore their memory, close at hand or scattered in a place with meaning to them and their pet. Whichever you choose, Eternity Pet Memorial will help you prepare your pet’s memorial service every step of the way.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can Services Be Pre-Arranged?

We highly encourage you to begin making arrangements the moment you are aware your pet’s time is coming. While it may be tempting to put it off and try not to think about it, you’ll be saving yourself a world of headaches later on. Trying to plan out a pet memorial service while in the midst of your grief is miserable, so allow us to have everything ready ahead of time.


Can I Request My Pet’s Ashes Back?

For private pet cremation services, you will absolutely have the opportunity to request that your pet’s ashes be returned to you. We understand that some find closure and comfort in having their pet’s memory close by, so we offer urns that you can use to store and take home your pet’s ashes.


Are All Memorial Services the Same?

In terms of basic services like burial or cremation, yes, but for the best pet memorial in Penn Hills, PA, you can’t beat Eternity Pet Memorial. We strive to provide high-quality and meaningful pet funeral services while remaining affordable. Everyone should have the opportunity to mourn, no matter what kind of pet they have, so rest assured that we also accept any pet rather than simply only cats and dogs.



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