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As part of our dedication to serving the city of Pittsburgh, rest assured you can find Eternity Pet Memorial in McKeesport, PA, to help ensure pet funeral services are always within reach. We understand that our pets, no matter their shape or size, are valued members of the family. With us, you’ll have burial and pet cremation services available to you so that you can choose the method that feels right to you. Everyone mourns differently, and that should be reflected in how we celebrate the lives and memories of our pets.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can Services Be Pre-Arranged?

With Eternity Pet Memorial, you certainly can. We strongly encourage you to, in fact! When you know your pet’s time is near, it’s always a good idea to start making the necessary arrangements for a pet cremation or burial. Trying to make plans and arrangements while in the midst of your grief is far more difficult and only adds undue stress during your mourning period. Our staff will handle the details and ensure everything is ready for when the time has come.


Will My Pet’s Ashes Be Returned?

You will always have the option to request your pet’s ashes after a private pet cremation. We understand one of the biggest appeals of cremation is being able to keep the ashes nearby in an urn to remind you of the life and memories you created with your pet.


Is There a Difference Between Memorial Services?

While basic services may be the same between pet memorial services, Eternity Pet Memorial strives to provide you with the best quality and care when you choose us. Furthermore, our pet memorials in McKeesport, PA, will always remain affordable, because everyone deserves to give their pet the proper sendoff they deserve. Eternity Pet Memorial also doesn’t discriminate, and we’ll take in any pet regardless of their shape or size!



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